Author’s Ridge at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Do you enjoy classic American literature? Or, do you cringe with nightmarish flashbacks to high school when you unwillingly read the literary works of early Americana? On a Massachusetts road trip in the summer of 2021 to conduct some final research prior to the publication of my book Fortitude, I meandered through the Sleepy Hollow CemeteryContinue reading “Author’s Ridge at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery”

The 21 Steps

You’ve likely concluded from the feature image photographed at Arlington National Cemetery that this post is not one of those self help blueprints. I’m not going to provide the “21 guaranteed steps to early retirement” or the “21 proven steps to loosing weight”. Actually, this post has nothing to do with those kind of “steps”Continue reading “The 21 Steps”

The Forefathers Burying Ground

I’m pretty confident that your bucket list of those “must sees” before your time on earth is up doesn’t include trips to old cemeteries. Skydiving perhaps or an exhilarating bungie jump off a bridge, but sauntering through the grounds of a timeworn cemetery may not be at the top of your “to do” list.  BearContinue reading “The Forefathers Burying Ground”